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Born and bred in Fraserburgh, Chris Noble has become synonymous with Scottish surfing. A multiple Scottish Champion, he is best known for being the local standout at his home break Thurso East.

Having moved to the north coast of Scotland after a career working on fishing boats, he soon became a fixture in the lineup. Living in the ‘middle cottage’, a house which is steeped in surfing heritage, he became the man who knew his way round the lineup out at Thurso, and has now had more time in the barrel out there than probably any other human being.
Chris now has a family in the town and works in the offshore oil industry, but you can guarantee that when he is home and East is breaking, he will be getting spat out of barrels all day long.


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  • As one door closes the sun rises on a new
  • Couple of fun ones the other day Thanks to malsurf
  • I do miss summer but winter is lots of fun!
  • Having a look through some old photos this evening and
  • Hello Cheeky
  • Hopefully soon there will be a few of these but
  • Was I dreaming or did I really see a mermaid
  • Fun peaks down a country lane this evening
  • Going to be a busy day!
  • Super proud of my wee princess today at the Caithness

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