Hugues Oyarzabal

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Biriatou Basque Country


Stretch Surfboards


Lunasurf – GoPro – Cartel

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Hugues Oyarzabal was in born Saint Jean de Luz, gowing up surfing in the Basque country Biriatou, now living in Bali for most of the year. Hugues learned to surf at the nearby beach of Hendaye, and soon developed a taste for all types of waves, “I’m always looking to try different things. I hate the idea of having a surf routine. For example, I’ll surf a single fin at Lafiténia one day, boost airs at a beachbreak another, or take a gun and go to Guéthary or somewhere. I like mixing it up.” His approach to surfing is open-minded, even if he admits to working really hard to make a career out of the sport since leaving school at 16. And whilst not being interested in the contest scene, the young Basque is continually looking to push his surfing limits, whether it’s landing a rodeo or honing his tow-in skills. Hugues was WINNER of the GOPRO AWARD SURFERPOLL 2012 and you can see more of his freesurfing and self edited movies on Hugues’s vimeo channel


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